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Affordable rates for Web Design, Computer Repair

Computer RepairComputer Repair / Network Analysis We are located in the north Houston, Texas area and serve the greater Houston metro area including the Woodlands, Conroe and Spring. We will be glad to discuss the problem you are experiencing with your equipment.  You will be provided a quote for service and/or parts required to resolve most common issues.
Network Analysis

Service Fees: $45.00/hour labor rate

  • Yearly Internal Cleaning
  • PC Maintenance during service visits
  • Phone Support Available

Web Design Houston, TexasWeb Design
After initial consultation, a quote will be provided based on the design complexity and functionality desired.  Three page small business web designs start at $395.00.  This includes a home page, contact form, picture galleries or other content tailored to customer needs.

Mobile Web Design
The volume of browsing by mobile devices today is staggering. Coffee shops, libraries, you name it, are full of prospective customers looking at the web. Tablets and smart-phones have become not only common, but growth in these industries have increased at an alarming rate. Cell phone companies are experiencing massive growth in these markets. The reason is obvious, since these devices are small, light-weight and very handy to carry compared to bulkier laptops.  To accomodate these devices and keep a prospective customer interested in your content, a mobile site is the perfect solution for the smart-phone audiance.  Customers will appreciate the ease of browsing when your site is made especially for them.  No scannng back and forth, expanding and collapsing large screens and straining to view your site.  Who needs a mobile site nowadays? The answer is virtually everyone!  We can design a mobile site for your industry starting at $250.00 for most small sites.  Prices will vary depending on the actual page count of your site.  When finished, your old site will be viewable by desktops and laptops, and mobile devices will automatically reroute to a mobile subdomain for easy viewing.  For more information, please feel free to contact us at 281-913-9379.

Design Criteria:
All pages download fast!
Entire web design will be W3C compliant (all pages)
External Cascading Style Sheet
Error-free HTML code
All pages are optimized to be search engine friendly.  (not fixed later at customer expense)
Mobile Subdomains

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization
Not everyone has the good fortune of a well tuned, top notch website.  If your site cannot be easily found on Google, Yahoo or Bing, then it is not serving its purpose.   We solve problems that interfere with search engine visibility.  Many factors are considered in the evaluation process to determine pricing.  We will provide a quote based on detailed analysis of your site. 

*All Quotes expire after 30 days.