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The Customer Testimonial server-side script is a user friendly feature which allows you to add, change or delete customer comments anytime you wish. No special tools or technical assistance is required to use the program. We wrote the script with simplicity in mind, so anyone with minimal skills can produce instant customer testimonies and display them in a dedicated comments page or a specific area of your website. This feature allows you have to portray a professional image to impress prospective customers. Once the feature is installed, you'll be able to make the necessary entries you need, thereby eliminating outdated content and ensuring you have up-to-date information available to the public. You'll have full control over a vital area of your site, therefore reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary costs and delays. Harness the power of the future with the tools of today!

** Feature not yet available on Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal CMS platforms. Customer Testimonial Feature is written in PHP and requires Linux Hosting (most hosting plans in use today are running Linux). For more information, feel free to call 281-913-9379 or email us on our contact page.